The 100 Day Project

The 100 Day Project starts today! I have spent the last week or so preparing, brainstorming, thinking of what I could possibly do that I would want to do for 100 days.

In the past, I’ve attempted a 365 day project for drawing, but I think that can be a bit too much. You can see earlier in this blog that I lasted 127 days, and then I didn’t do much art for a few months.

Looking back now on it, I did experience so much growth in those 127 days, and even since then I’ve grown so much.

I feel like 100 days is compact enough to be focused, but long enough to be challenging. I’ve been going back and forth between quite a few challenges lately, and I was feeling spread a bit thin and lacking in focus.

I’ve done the 100 Day Project once before for writing, and came out with 100 science fiction short stories (though my 100 days actually spread out ot about a year, since my stories grew into a huge world, and my 1000 word stories grew into 10,000 word stories in the end, with about 150,000 total words written). I posted some of those on my other blog,

I’ve taken a long hiatus from my blog, and a shorter hiatus from my art. I’ve been creating a lot more lately, but I’m still getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been posting on Instagram, but I like to document my process as well, which sometimes isn’t as well-suited to that platform.

So, I’m back here, writing about my project for this year! I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do as a theme, and what I could keep up. I’ve been wanting to break out of my comfort zone, which is watercolor and ink. I have so many other mediums I’ve dabbled in, but I’ve never taken the time to really dive into them.

I’m not diving too deep into each medium, but at least trying out ones that I’ve maybe only done once or twice, or not at all! I want to break through the initial resistance so maybe I’ll reach out to those mediums in the future, since I think the subject should really determine the medium in most cases.

What I’m doing is breaking down my 100 days into smaller chunks. My theme overall is going to be character design, since it’s something I’ve been really passionate about lately and I want to really grow my skills in it – it’s definitely a challenge. But, I’m breaking it down into weeks. It would make sense to break it down into 10 days, but it will be eaiser for me to track if I know that every Tuesday I switch to a new medium! This may change, but for now I’ve picked 14 mediums I want to explore:

– Mixed media, which will consists of catching up on all of my art subscription boxes (Scrawlrbox, Artsnacks, and Sketchbox) since I’ve bought a few old boxes recently and have a backlog.

– Posca pens

– Acrylic (which may include liners, soft body, heavy body, acrylic ink)

– Cheap pens (ballpoint, Sharpies)

– Oil paint/oil pastel (this is the one I think I’m most excited for!)

– Alcohol markers (Copic, Chameleon, and Spectrum Noir)

– Watercolor (which may include pans, tubes, ink, and pencil)

– Gouache (and I may mix in some Inktense paints and pencils as well)

– Colored pencil (this is going to be the hardest one I think!)

– Fineliner pens (Micron, Copic, Stabilo, Chameleon, Prismacolor)

– Pastel (soft pastel, chalk pastel, pan pastel, pastel pencils)

– Linocut printmaking (I’ve been wanting to do this one for ages and I have the supplies, but I’m so scared! And I have to do it before the lino gets too old)

– Collage

– Polymer clay (I haven’t done this one since I was a kid!!)

I also have some pre-treated cyanotype paper I bought from Blick and I may involve that somewhere! Even though that’s more along the lines of photography, I feel like it also work with some mixed media – but I’m not sure at this point until I actually get it because I’ve never tried it before.

For inspiration, I’ve been working on creating a Pinterest board, though the theme has changed quite a few times! I’ve collected a word list on my phone based on other challenges so that I have a prompt for the story I want to tell with the art.

Each week with each medium, I will choose a character design theme. I haven’t made a final list yet, but here are a few of the finalists I’m mulling over, though I’m really going to leave it up to whatever I feel like doing that week I think:

– Fairies

– Gnomes

– Monsters

– Robots

– Fish/ocean creatures

– Birds (I already did a small series of birds, but I think I can do better!)

– Circus

– Plants with faces, like flowers, vegetables, fruits, cacti

– Spirits

So far, all of this excites me! But I’m scared to get started! I’ll be creating my first piece tonight, the night of Day 1, and I’ll actually post on Day 2 most likely, and keep that cadence.

I’m sure I’ll be spending a lot of time on Skillshare the next 100 days as I tackle these unfamiliar mediums and work on my character designs!

Hopefully some of you out there are also participating in the #100DayProject ( If you are, did you choose a theme for the next 100 days? If so, what is it? I’m excited to be involved in the community this year as I push through to completion!

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