Day 12 – Giant Pacific octopus

This was another project I did for my weekend art class. I’m trying out a more painterly style that I’ve been wanting to experiment with. The challenge was to paint on a dark canvas (it’s a deep purple background) and stick to a limited palette to practice mixing.

This one is only quinacridone crimson, ultramarine blue (red shade), and cadmium yellow light – plus some white – with the exception of the pink Posca pen I used to sign it!

This guy is a Giant Pacific octopus. I took a photo of him at the Seattle aquarium and based my painting off it and exaggerated the colors. He looked mostly brown, but if you looked harder, he appeared quite colorful!

According to, “Giant Pacific octopuses can change color at will, expressing mood, comfort level and intentions to nearby animals. They’re also able to change texture, using knobs of muscle to mimic their surroundings.” Pretty cool!

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