Washington Brewers Festival

It’s been a while, but I’m drawing again, trying to practice people. These were from the Washington Brewers Festival, sketched with a fountain pen. Some interesting music choices were made, and hilarious dancing was the result.

I did cheat and I drew these from pictures instead of drawing in person, but I’m working up my courage to draw in public. I’ve done it a few times, and I just feel so weird about it, and I’m pretty sure people probably think I’m just a creeper sometimes.

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Black and White Wax

I took an encaustics class this weekend, and it’s what I needed to get me to start up art again. I need creativity in my life! These are black and white melted wax with various bits and pieces.

I never do abstract – I have something in me that resists it as “real art”, but it sure felt like art while I was creating! The teacher sounded surprised when she asked if I was an abstract artist in my other work and I said no. I was pretty happy with how these turned out! It’s hard to see but it’s amazing the kinds of textured works you can create with this medium.

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Finger Painted Landscape

I haven’t painted in a long time, but I did an encaustics class this weekend and got motivated! This is my first oil – an 8×10 finger painting on canvas board. I like painting small, but it’s hard with fingers! I may have to expand my canvas!

Day 123 – A soft portrait

Here’s some more work with Sennelier pastels and Polychromos colored pencil. There was a lot of dust after this one! I kind of went crazy trying to be loose and I was all over the place. I was just being very intuitive.