Day 12 – Giant Pacific octopus

This was another project I did for my weekend art class. I’m trying out a more painterly style that I’ve been wanting to experiment with. The challenge was to paint on a dark canvas (it’s a deep purple background) and stick to a limited palette to practice mixing.

This one is only quinacridone crimson, ultramarine blue (red shade), and cadmium yellow light – plus some white – with the exception of the pink Posca pen I used to sign it!

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Day 11 – Experiments with color

11/100 part 2…Okay, go easy on me 😂 Acrylic is not a medium I am super comfortable with. This class is more about color, not basic skill (which I don’t really have… but I really wanted to take this class!!)

👉Does anyone have any recommendations for good acrylic YouTube or Skillshare videos? I’ve drawn a lot of buildings when I was doing mainly urban sketching (with some watercolor) – but straight up painting them is a different beast!

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Day 10 – Blind contour lamp

10/100 Yesterday was a sad day for me and my family. I didn’t feel much like creating. I chose primary colors, something basic. So I just did a quick blind contour of a lamp, which seemed appropriate because a lovely light left our lives. My mom’s dog also ended up breaking a lamp yesterday. I hope you’re all safe and well.

Day 9 – Fairy house complete

9/100 After three days of work, it’s finished! I usually don’t take this long to finish a piece. But I took my time with a little more detail than usual, and I added a background which is definitely a new thing for me. It was a bit scary!!

When I used graphite paper to transfer my original sketch from my sketchbook to this Canson “The Wall” paper (that holds up to all my layering) it left some accidental marks I couldn’t remove… so either I had to redraw or just be brave and go with a background!

I’m pretty happy with it. I loved the Copic fluorescents! The Faber Castell pencils worked so nicely with them.

Day 8 – Inking the fairy house

8/100 It took me so long to transfer and ink this! Time for color! It’s looking like it will probably be a springtime color theme… I just have to decide how much detail I want to add with ink pen for shadows, and if I want to replicate all the textural lines from the original sketch or just let the color speak!

Day 7 – Fairy house sketch

7/100 I drew a bunch of fairy houses last night and came up with this one! It’s a work-in-progress – I’m trying to decide how I want to color it, with which medium. My default is to say watercolor, but maybe I should try something else, like acrylic. Any suggestions?? I’ll be transferring the image to another substrate.

Day 6 – Fox sketches

I drew 4 pages of foxes last night to start out my new #plumchester sketchbook, trying to come up with a character I want to use. I have a lot more work ahead of me! I did two pages of drawing from reference images on Google just to get a feel for foxes, then two pages of artist studies (not shown) – 23 foxes in total! And I’m not sure I’ve cracked the code on these yet… I didn’t like most of the ones I drew haha! More tonight. I’m not giving up!

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