Black and White Wax

I took an encaustics class this weekend, and it’s what I needed to get me to start up art again. I need creativity in my life! These are black and white melted wax with various bits and pieces.

I never do abstract – I have something in me that resists it as “real art”, but it sure felt like art while I was creating! The teacher sounded surprised when she asked if I was an abstract artist in my other work and I said no. I was pretty happy with how these turned out! It’s hard to see but it’s amazing the kinds of textured works you can create with this medium.

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Day 65 – A Little Woman Collage

I had gathered some pieces I liked, and then put the woman under the sunflower. I liked the perspective that was almost like Alice in wonderland. I used some paper I found with Little Women, playing on the title for my piece of a little woman.