Day 9 – Fairy house complete

9/100 After three days of work, it’s finished! I usually don’t take this long to finish a piece. But I took my time with a little more detail than usual, and I added a background which is definitely a new thing for me. It was a bit scary!!

When I used graphite paper to transfer my original sketch from my sketchbook to this Canson “The Wall” paper (that holds up to all my layering) it left some accidental marks I couldn’t remove… so either I had to redraw or just be brave and go with a background!

I’m pretty happy with it. I loved the Copic fluorescents! The Faber Castell pencils worked so nicely with them.

Day 8 – Inking the fairy house

8/100 It took me so long to transfer and ink this! Time for color! It’s looking like it will probably be a springtime color theme… I just have to decide how much detail I want to add with ink pen for shadows, and if I want to replicate all the textural lines from the original sketch or just let the color speak!

Day 5 – Acorn fairy house

5/100 I know I said I was doing a jar/bottle theme, but I have some more fairy houses I wanted to draw! I almost didn’t get this one in last night, so I chose a very small canvas to work with! It’s ATC (Artist Trading Card) size, so about the size of a business card or credit card.

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Day 44 – Vintage rotary phone

I’m really liking the tan and gray papers I picked up. I feel like they can communicate certain moods, emotions. I get so much more out of it than if it were on white, though some objects certainly pop more on white paper.

Copic brush pen, Falcon fountain pen, and white Gelly Roll pen on Strathmore gray toned paper.

Day 43 – Fire Hydrant

This was a fire hydrant I found out on a walk, and I was struck by how many colors I could see when looking at the paint and rust. This is more of an interpretation of the colors – not meant to be realistic.