Day 9 – Fairy house complete

9/100 After three days of work, it’s finished! I usually don’t take this long to finish a piece. But I took my time with a little more detail than usual, and I added a background which is definitely a new thing for me. It was a bit scary!!

When I used graphite paper to transfer my original sketch from my sketchbook to this Canson “The Wall” paper (that holds up to all my layering) it left some accidental marks I couldn’t remove… so either I had to redraw or just be brave and go with a background!

I’m pretty happy with it. I loved the Copic fluorescents! The Faber Castell pencils worked so nicely with them.

Day 7 – Fairy house sketch

7/100 I drew a bunch of fairy houses last night and came up with this one! It’s a work-in-progress – I’m trying to decide how I want to color it, with which medium. My default is to say watercolor, but maybe I should try something else, like acrylic. Any suggestions?? I’ll be transferring the image to another substrate.

Day 5 – Acorn fairy house

5/100 I know I said I was doing a jar/bottle theme, but I have some more fairy houses I wanted to draw! I almost didn’t get this one in last night, so I chose a very small canvas to work with! It’s ATC (Artist Trading Card) size, so about the size of a business card or credit card.

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Day 28

I used several different stock images of less-than-magical things to put together the pieces and make something magical. I’ve always loved fairies, but I’ve never been very good at drawing them. Here I haven’t copied anyone but myself.