Washington Brewers Festival

It’s been a while, but I’m drawing again, trying to practice people. These were from the Washington Brewers Festival, sketched with a fountain pen. Some interesting music choices were made, and hilarious dancing was the result.

I did cheat and I drew these from pictures instead of drawing in person, but I’m working up my courage to draw in public. I’ve done it a few times, and I just feel so weird about it, and I’m pretty sure people probably think I’m just a creeper sometimes.


Day 106 – Lantern

A lantern in my dining room from a Hobby Lobby sale. No one can resist Hobby Lobby.


I feel like I say it often, but I really love the toned paper!

Pilot Falcon fountain pen with DeAtrementis Document Ink, Prismacolor colored pencil, Koi watercolor, and Micron sepia brush pen.

Day 106

Day 87 – Tree 2

This is tree #2 in my 25-piece series. I’m not sure this turned out as intended, but it’s supposed to be a path in the trees. I exaggerated the natural colors in the trees, basically making them whimsical and highly saturated compared to the reference photo.

Daniel Smith watercolors, pen and ink. Reference photo Pixabay.

Day 86 – Tree 1

This is the first tree in my 25-piece series. The series is part of a challenge I read in a book to paint 25 of something. It challenges your creativity to find different ways to paint the same thing. It also gives me practice to know intimately how to paint a tree, since I’ve never been good at them! Hopefully at the end of 25 pieces I’ll see a lot of improvement!

I didn’t anticipate the branches were going to be so tedious when I first started in. What I thought was going to happen, I don’t know. My hand actually started cramping on the twigs.

Daniel Smith watercolors, pen and ink. Reference photo from Pixabay.

Day 18 – Man at the bar

Phill and I went to my favorite breakfast place before I set out on my sketching adventure today. We went an hour later than we’d originally planned, so we arrived with everyone else. We were told to wait 15-20 minutes. I was excited. I would get to sketch!

It ended up that we only had to wait long enough for me to put the finishing marks on this man. I’d never been so happy to wait. I’m really happy with how this one turned out.

Day 15 – Old car

This was done from a photo I took while out walking. I had the dog with me and wasn’t able to really stop and draw. I’ve had my eye on this car for a while and I’ve wanted to photograph and sketch it. The light wasn’t the best, but I was still happy with the character I was able to capture in my photo.

Day 15

Day 14 – Dumplings and tea

I forgot to to take pictures of our own dumplings, and I didn’t want to sketch when I had perfectly good dumplings going cold! I was also really hungry – I’d been looking forward to these dumplings all day. These are Google images from the restaurant.

Jasmine tea from Dumpling Generation. I’m usually not a big tea person, but when it’s free and it’s jasmine, count me in.