Washington Brewers Festival

It’s been a while, but I’m drawing again, trying to practice people. These were from the Washington Brewers Festival, sketched with a fountain pen. Some interesting music choices were made, and hilarious dancing was the result.

I did cheat and I drew these from pictures instead of drawing in person, but I’m working up my courage to draw in public. I’ve done it a few times, and I just feel so weird about it, and I’m pretty sure people probably think I’m just a creeper sometimes.


Day 100 – Figure Drawing 2

I was behind a couple of days, and I missed posting on day 100!! I’ve done 133 pieces in 100 days.

Fountain pen on tan toned paper. This was my third attempt at this drawing. It’s still not perfect, but I was committed to not using pencil at all!

Day 89 – Giraffe

I’ve only done a couple of things with the Intense pencils, and I’m trying to find what the best application really is for these. I’m used to how watercolor pencils work, but these dry so fast, then they’re fixed. Interesting to work with for sure.

Inktense pencils. Reference photo from Pixabay.