Finger Painted Landscape

I haven’t painted in a long time, but I did an encaustics class this weekend and got motivated! This is my first oil – an 8×10 finger painting on canvas board. I like painting small, but it’s hard with fingers! I may have to expand my canvas!

Day 104 – Flowers #3

Flowers #3/25 in my series. I haven’t used soft pastels a lot. I’ve gravitated more towards the pan pastels, but I felt like getting messy today! It’s so much easier to get a rich pigment with the soft pastels. And I actually found a use for my hard pastels/crayons! I used sandpaper for the first time, and it turned out it was much easier to work with than I’d initially thought.

I was going for a soft, dreamy look, and found the perfect reference photo for it on Pixabay. I was using more of the pencils and getting more detailed, but scrubbed it out and decided to try for less detail, more suggestion. I don’t think I did too bad!

Sennelier soft pastel with conte crayon and Faber Castell pastel pencil.

Day 95 – B is for Buffalo

I decided to go with a tetradic color scheme as best as I could, with being loose as possible. I decided not to draw anything in to avoid just filling in lines, and I used big brushes to capture the essence of the buffalo. Not sure I succeeded, but it’s something new, while sticking to my color studies.

Day 92 – A is for Alpaca

A is for Alpaca. I’m going to see if I can eventually do the animal alphabet! I’m also practicing my color theory – here is me trying for a tetrad color scheme.

Acrylic. Photo reference from Pixabay.

Day 91 – Flower 1

Similar to my tree series, I’ll be doing 25 flowers. I was recently inspired by a photography trip to the nursery, and I want to paint the flowers I captured in my photos. Flowers are challenging for me, and it’s hard to really find a style that works. So, here is #1.