Day 123 – A soft portrait

Here’s some more work with Sennelier pastels and Polychromos colored pencil. There was a lot of dust after this one! I kind of went crazy trying to be loose and I was all over the place. I was just being very intuitive.

Day 104 – Flowers #3

Flowers #3/25 in my series. I haven’t used soft pastels a lot. I’ve gravitated more towards the pan pastels, but I felt like getting messy today! It’s so much easier to get a rich pigment with the soft pastels. And I actually found a use for my hard pastels/crayons! I used sandpaper for the first time, and it turned out it was much easier to work with than I’d initially thought.

I was going for a soft, dreamy look, and found the perfect reference photo for it on Pixabay. I was using more of the pencils and getting more detailed, but scrubbed it out and decided to try for less detail, more suggestion. I don’t think I did too bad!

Sennelier soft pastel with conte crayon and Faber Castell pastel pencil.

Day 85 – Watermelon

I’ve started looking into some more impressionist styles, and I’m trying my hand at it. I’m really loving the work of Erin Hanson. I’m also really loving oil pastels, though it seems they’re a less popular medium. I’d love to start getting into some more complex pieces, but one at a time! Next I might try it with acrylic.

Sennelier oil pastels.

Day 82 – Field

This is another attempt at using PanPastels. I think I’m getting better! What was suuuuper helpful was using good paper. I upgraded to the Clairefontaine Pastelmat and it changed my life. I used Pitt pastel pencils for detail.

Day 81 – Snow Day

Here’s a little bit of a snowscape to go along with the weather we’ve been having. Sennelier oil pastel. I really worked on layering here, then creating a lot of texture in the clouds and snow. I’m normally not very good with skies but I liked this one.

Day 77 – Aurora Borealis

I used a full range of oil pastels for this piece, unlike the limited palette I’ve used in my last few pieces from my SketchBox. I really enjoyed this one. I could have used pencil to achieve some additional detail but I liked the painterly effects of just the oil pastel.

Day 75 – Lotus

This was another one I did with my SketchBox supplies, 6 colors of oil pastels. You can see my other piece from this month’s box here. I’m not super happy with it, but I kind of gave up because I wasn’t sure what else to do.