Days 112 – 118 Random Objects

I haven’t been drawing for a while – I’ve been writing more often. Most of these aren’t great at all, but they enabled me to at least get some drawing in, even though I was “catching up”, which isn’t exactly a drawing a day. But I’m trying not to give up!

Day 100 – Figure Drawing 2

I was behind a couple of days, and I missed posting on day 100!! I’ve done 133 pieces in 100 days.

Fountain pen on tan toned paper. This was my third attempt at this drawing. It’s still not perfect, but I was committed to not using pencil at all!

Day 97 – Flower #2

Here is another piece I did with my watercolor pencil set from Sketchbox. You can see my other one here. Flower 2/25 in my series. It’s a collection of pinks and purples with a black pencil for the darks, as much as I hate using straight black for anything. It came out a bit darker than intended.

Day 96 – Hillside Town

It’s that time of the month – Sketchbox time! This month was watercolor pencils and a black brush pen. The pen is water soluble ink, so once it dries, it seems it’s fixed. So I put down my values with the brush pen, then put some light color over the top of it. I think I might have liked it better monochrome, thought with the limited color palette it kind of retains that feel.

Day 86 – Tree 1

This is the first tree in my 25-piece series. The series is part of a challenge I read in a book to paint 25 of something. It challenges your creativity to find different ways to paint the same thing. It also gives me practice to know intimately how to paint a tree, since I’ve never been good at them! Hopefully at the end of 25 pieces I’ll see a lot of improvement!

I didn’t anticipate the branches were going to be so tedious when I first started in. What I thought was going to happen, I don’t know. My hand actually started cramping on the twigs.

Daniel Smith watercolors, pen and ink. Reference photo from Pixabay.

Day 78 – Boat on a lake

Elegant writer and watercolor. I had watched a video saying that the Elegant Writer fixes itself after the initial wetting, but it seemed to reactivate when I applied the watercolor, so it turned out much darker than expected.