Day 10 – Blind contour lamp

10/100 Yesterday was a sad day for me and my family. I didn’t feel much like creating. I chose primary colors, something basic. So I just did a quick blind contour of a lamp, which seemed appropriate because a lovely light left our lives. My mom’s dog also ended up breaking a lamp yesterday. I hope you’re all safe and well.

Day 7 – Fairy house sketch

7/100 I drew a bunch of fairy houses last night and came up with this one! It’s a work-in-progress – I’m trying to decide how I want to color it, with which medium. My default is to say watercolor, but maybe I should try something else, like acrylic. Any suggestions?? I’ll be transferring the image to another substrate.

Day 6 – Fox sketches

I drew 4 pages of foxes last night to start out my new #plumchester sketchbook, trying to come up with a character I want to use. I have a lot more work ahead of me! I did two pages of drawing from reference images on Google just to get a feel for foxes, then two pages of artist studies (not shown) – 23 foxes in total! And I’m not sure I’ve cracked the code on these yet… I didn’t like most of the ones I drew haha! More tonight. I’m not giving up!

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Day 3 – Mother and daughter goldfish

I really loved the Artsnacks box for April! All the supplies were fantastic. I had no idea what to make with the colors, then it came to me! Also, I was super impressed that with all my layering with the markers, it didn’t bleed in my Illo sketchbook.

This one is dedicated to my mom. I’ve been missing her lots, especially during this pandemic. We are 1400 miles apart. So, I made a mommy and daughter goldfish! 👉 Swipe to see detail and the preliminary sketches I did to create these characters (the celestial eye goldfish cracks me up!!)

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Day 2 – Drawing the dog

2/100 I was planning on doing another marker piece last night, but I found these Faber-Castell oil pencils in my art supplies. They must have come from a sketching set at one point and I don’t think I’ve ever used them. I looked them up and apparently they’re often used for figure drawing, so I thought I would draw my pup! He was laying on the couch when I did them, but in the afternoon sunlight in these pictures it looks like he’s basking in the sun!

It was such an enjoyable experience using these soft pencils, though I had to sharpen a few times (which I like doing since I hand sharpen with a knife and it’s cathartic). So far I’m liking this exploring! Art is becoming more relaxing than ever as I just let myself play.

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