Day 10 – Blind contour lamp

10/100 Yesterday was a sad day for me and my family. I didn’t feel much like creating. I chose primary colors, something basic. So I just did a quick blind contour of a lamp, which seemed appropriate because a lovely light left our lives. My mom’s dog also ended up breaking a lamp yesterday. I hope you’re all safe and well.

Day 3 – Mother and daughter goldfish

I really loved the Artsnacks box for April! All the supplies were fantastic. I had no idea what to make with the colors, then it came to me! Also, I was super impressed that with all my layering with the markers, it didn’t bleed in my Illo sketchbook.

This one is dedicated to my mom. I’ve been missing her lots, especially during this pandemic. We are 1400 miles apart. So, I made a mommy and daughter goldfish! 👉 Swipe to see detail and the preliminary sketches I did to create these characters (the celestial eye goldfish cracks me up!!)

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Days 112 – 118 Random Objects

I haven’t been drawing for a while – I’ve been writing more often. Most of these aren’t great at all, but they enabled me to at least get some drawing in, even though I was “catching up”, which isn’t exactly a drawing a day. But I’m trying not to give up!

Day 109 – Autumn Trees

I felt very in the mood to use Payne’s Gray today so I decided to paint these trees. I also got to test out my new little tool, an art ruling pen, for applying masking that’s so much easier than using a brush. But I’m trying to loosen up a bit and not focus on all the little details!

Watercolor, Daniel Smith.

Day 108 – A Mountain

I was inspired by watching Andrew Geeson today and decided to try something looser, wet on wet. It’s my first shot at an Artist Trading Card, so this is about the size of a business card!! Lots of fun.

Watercolor, Daniel Smith.