Day 98 – A Mountain Trail

I had no idea how this was going to turn out. I’ve used graphite pencil a lot in the past – it used to be my main medium. But when you add water, things go crazy! A lot of my values kind of blended together a little more than I’d hoped.

Water soluble graphite pencil.

Day 97 – Flower #2

Here is another piece I did with my watercolor pencil set from Sketchbox. You can see my other one here. Flower 2/25 in my series. It’s a collection of pinks and purples with a black pencil for the darks, as much as I hate using straight black for anything. It came out a bit darker than intended.

Day 96 – Hillside Town

It’s that time of the month – Sketchbox time! This month was watercolor pencils and a black brush pen. The pen is water soluble ink, so once it dries, it seems it’s fixed. So I put down my values with the brush pen, then put some light color over the top of it. I think I might have liked it better monochrome, thought with the limited color palette it kind of retains that feel.

Day 87 – Tree 2

This is tree #2 in my 25-piece series. I’m not sure this turned out as intended, but it’s supposed to be a path in the trees. I exaggerated the natural colors in the trees, basically making them whimsical and highly saturated compared to the reference photo.

Daniel Smith watercolors, pen and ink. Reference photo Pixabay.

Day 86 – Tree 1

This is the first tree in my 25-piece series. The series is part of a challenge I read in a book to paint 25 of something. It challenges your creativity to find different ways to paint the same thing. It also gives me practice to know intimately how to paint a tree, since I’ve never been good at them! Hopefully at the end of 25 pieces I’ll see a lot of improvement!

I didn’t anticipate the branches were going to be so tedious when I first started in. What I thought was going to happen, I don’t know. My hand actually started cramping on the twigs.

Daniel Smith watercolors, pen and ink. Reference photo from Pixabay.

Day 80 – Flowers in a cup

This one I was trying to be loose and colorful, bringing in complementary colors. It maybe made it a bit too brown, but I was using a water brush and being lazy so I didn’t get great results, but I do like the more ethereal look, since I’m usually so reliant on lines from my fountain pen.

Day 78 – Boat on a lake

Elegant writer and watercolor. I had watched a video saying that the Elegant Writer fixes itself after the initial wetting, but it seemed to reactivate when I applied the watercolor, so it turned out much darker than expected.

Day 73 – Acorn

I did this acorn in my Moleskine sketchbook, and I’ve been layering so much more with my watercolor lately that this book just didn’t hold up, and I didn’t feel like repeating it in a watercolor sketchbook. But, it still looks cute. Copic brush pen and my travel watercolor kit.